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Jarius Andrew Greaves is an acclaimed Liberian Youth Development Expert with fifteen-year experience in local community engagement, youth empowerment initiatives, entrepreneurship, peacebuilding, social justice advocacy, and Monitoring and Evaluation. Jarius is an empathetic achiever and one of Liberia’s most experienced Human Capital Youth Developer in the endeavors of social entrepreneurship, Founder/ CEO of Youth Network for Reform (YONER Liberia), Liberia’s first hybrid Youth-led Development Organization principally created in 2008 to reunite communities, and provide support for child victims and soldiers created by the civil wars. Part of YONER Liberia’s mission involves training young Liberians on how to become entrepreneurs and drive Liberia’s growth and development in the 21st Century to have them reintegrated into the society as useful and productive citizens. YONER Liberia exists to create a positive social impact locally and nationally through innovative projects that nurture and empower children and young people to meet their full potential and make a measurable difference in their communities. YONER Liberia has helped more than 50,000 young people and connected more than 5,000 high school and university students to science and tech entrepreneurship in Liberia. YONER Liberia is the Innovation Hub of the US Department of State in Liberia, making it the 2nd Hub in West Africa and 4th on the Content of Africa. Furthermore, YONER Liberia is the Official Pitch Site Partner of the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship Program in Liberia.
Jarius is a Proud Recipient of National and international awards for his invaluable services to youth development and the use of tech entrepreneurship as a tool to empower fellow youth in Liberia, including “Entrepreneur Recognition Award Recipient” of the USAID Liberia Development Award-2019, the Government of Liberia’s 2018 Business and Youth Organizations’ Social Economic Impact Award”, The West African Regional Magazine’s “Young Achiever of the Year”-2018 , and Global Youth Icon Award 2015 .

Jarius, a Proud Obama Leader, is an Alumni of several Global Programs focused on the domestication and implementation of the SDGs including US Department of State’s IVLP (USA) and GIST Bootcamp (South Africa), Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa Program (South Africa), UN SDGs Unleash Innovation Lab (Denmark), UN Youth SDGs Local Pathways Fellow-2017. Jarius holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and an Associate Degree in Management from the Stella Maris Polytechnic and aspires to complete a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management/Planning.
Overall, Jarius had headed Liberian youth delegations and represented Liberian youth at various youth events in at least 25 countries in Africa, United States of America, Asia and Europe.
For leisure, he enjoys music (gospel and circular), reading, writing, mentoring, and talking/coaching.

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Jarius Andrew Greaves