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Jason Sudirdjo


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The value I bring to the table is my open-mindedness and my confidence, perpetually on the lookout for a new problem and a need, before striving to discover a viable solution to tackle the problem. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship since a young age and I possess the work ethic, creativity, and most importantly, the passion to pursue what I love working on the most – my businesses.

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I’m constantly looking for new innovations and improved production methods for my startup such that I am able to minimize costs whilst enhancing the quality of the goods produced.

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I have been featured in Indonesian television coverage multiple times.

My first appearance was a live, 30-minute talk show segment discussing my first startup – a peer-to-peer lending startup named DanaPro. The talk show was aired live in TVRI, Indonesia’s state-run cannel, under the program name: “Buatan Indonesia”.

My second appearance was on iNews Mataram, where I was featured in their general news segment. At that time, I was in the tropical, tourist island of Lombok, which had been reduced to rubble by the devastating August 2019 Lombok Earthquakes. I had been in Lombok with Heart For Lombok, a NPO I started with the goal of donating various basic necessities for the refugees, as well as conducting trauma healing sessions with the severely traumatized Lombok kids.

My third appearance was on one of Indonesia’s most famous TV channels, MetroTV, where I had my own segment as part of a documentary called “360”, which mostly covers various inspiring Indonesian figures. I was in Lombok again, however this time conducting socializations about AVOIL Indonesia, my avocado oil startup, with local avocado farmers. The documentary was titled “360 – Pikat Minyak Alpukat”, translated to “The Enticing Lure of Avocado Oil”.

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