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Environment, agricultural, recyclyng culture.I do not consider myself an expert, because I am a novice who wants to learn from the people and their environment, but these are the fields in which I seek to focus.

I´m constantly looking for

mentors in business advisory (or courses), contacts in the field of environmental business (national e international), experiences of others entrepreneurs, people interested in the environment and sustainable development of nations, and funding.

I am..

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JA Villasana


Project Overview


The idea consists in waste management service for schools of recycles, with this services we can reduce the waste generation, the contamination of landfills, and the poverty because we generate jobs. The activities of the company are: Convincing schools to join the project. Student community awareness on waste and environment using various techniques. Identify materials, equipment, infrastructure, or training required for each school. Collect waste in schools separate form, and follow the development of recycling culture in schools. Management of recyclable waste (collection, storage and sale). Managing resources generated by each school. Delivering Value: materials to schools retribution. It's a innovative idea because in Mexico no exists a enterprise than develops this service actually. The immediate impact that have this idea is developing a stronger culture of the student community recycling and reducing waste in the city dump where Recycle operate in the long run with better infrastructure, schools will be equipped with technologically pioneering and best teachers trained, schools with greater economic capacity and possibility of increased scholarships for further studies, and environmental improvement by reducing land use for landfills. Additively a large increase recycling encourages the recycling industry to grow, develop more businesses and more jobs.

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