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Muhammad Jawad Ahmad


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Education, Medical Science, Project Management. Ethical Philosophy, Theology, Special Education

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I am a High school student of Medical sciences. Accomplished and ambitious Writer, with 5 years of experience in Academic and Motivational writing offering exceptional Writing and development support to Writing professionals and organizations Working on SDGs. In this Period of time it’s really important to expand the intellectual horizons of our young generation to command the future. I think that Age/Gender/Religion/Background/Color shouldn’t be a restriction to someone’s ability to promote acceptance of diversity. Acknowledgement of diversity and Acceptance of differences among people is our only tools to grow Peaceful Modern Societies.
I’ve Participated in many International Competition looking for a Hope for a better and safer Future.
• Participated in Commonwealth youth essay competition 2020 UK.
• Participated in Goi Peace Foundation youth international essay competition 2020 Japan.
• Participated in John Locke Oxford International Essay Competition 2020 UK.
• Participated in Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders 2020 USA.
• Participated in World Youth Peace Forum EGYPT.
• Motivational Speaker for gender equality and social justice at District level.
• Participation in Diamond Challenge Social Innovation USA.
Believe me I’ve seen hope, I’ve seen it in the eyes of our young generation, I’ve felt that hope for a better world in the writings of our young generation, I’ve heard that hope in the Speeches of Greta-Thunberg. I want you to help me Bringing this hope for a better world in front of the stage. Every Single human has the ability to make a change but what we lack is Connectivity. Nowadays we’re too afraid to talk, too scared to Communicate. No Problem is bigger than our abilities; Every single Child’s dream is valid. So let’s attend to our dreams and there’s no telling what we can achieve. This is a world in which I believe, where fish are no longer forced to climb trees.