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Computer,Youth Leadership, project leadership,trainining and research, photography.

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I am a young social entreprenuer, Kenyan based in the USA.I am a bright Anthropology student at Aims Community College. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors society due to my academic achievement. I am currently involved as a community Liason with two non-profits working in rural villages of Kenya-Jubilee Village Project, and Angaza Africa. I am the Co-founder of the latter.

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Rural Youth Enterprise Initiative(RYI)

Youth represent about 73% of Kenyas population. As a result youths are major actors in economic development. 80% of the Kenyas population lives in rural communities. Despite the youth bulge, youths in Kenya have the highest unemployment rates. The unemployment rate is estimated to be double the average unemployment rate which is at 12.7 % with highest unemployment being among females, and those in rural areas (Kenya Youth Employment Challenge, UNDP). Promoting youth enterprise has gained great attention in Kenya. The government in 2006 launched Youth Enterprise Development Funds. Other players have launched several programs aimed at the vulnerable members of the society-youths and women. However, accessing the YEDF as well as other programs aimed at youths has proved to be great challenge, especially to youths in the rural communities. The programs are fragmented and poorly coordinated. Youths in the rural community also lack information concerning these opportunities. Young people also face other hindrances such as: Discrimination based on their age Discriminatory financial policies Exclusion from policy formulation on issues directly affecting youth, Corruption greatly affecting availability of services. Wrong entrepreneurship attitude. Lack of adequate business knowledge Lack of mentors and role model. Independence of other entrepreneurs. Our venture hopes to help youths overcome these challenges and achieve their highest enterprenual potentials. We seek to build infrastructures that will see many youth led enterprises started, grow to maturity and birth other enterprises. Our main objective therefore is to: Give rural based youth opportunity to imagine, startup and grow their business ideas and potentials.

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