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I am an educational specialist. I have always worked for the education with different positions such as classroom teaching and administrative work.

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I am looking for disruption in education that has a lifelong impact on an individuals life. I am looking for a combination of quality academic education along with quality psychological education to sum up the real idea of quality education.

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I originate from Pakistan. Born and brought up in Pakistan. I hold a Masters in Economics from the University of Karachi. My schooling is from St.Joseph’s Convent School. Studying from a convent school and coming from a catholic family is all that made a difference in my successes and wider approach towards life. My moral value system induced via family and school helped develop a lifelong learning ability in me. This quest for learning contributed towards making a career choices that helped me not only progress but furthur develop a life long goal.

Let me explain the career choice –
After graduating and holding a degree in economics, I soon realised that only having a masters degree in economics is not sufficient to start a worthy and valuable career in the field of economics.
This realisation left me with the alternative of picking up a teaching career where I would better utilise my academic learning and at large have an impact by educating the younger generation, precisely a more fulfilling job/career.

After successfully serving the teaching industry for about 4 years , another realisation struck me, and this time it was a job switch.
I joined a technology education startup company as a content developer.
I had no idea of content development back then , I just jumped in because I personally wanted to bring innovation in the education industry. This startup venture was something that matched my understanding of disrupting education and making education more fun and productive.

Since then I am on a continuous move to look for best strategies and ideas and plans to improve the standards of education in every possible way.

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Jennifer Samuel