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Jennylyn Sy


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The Net Market

The idea is to create a market for used nylon, particularly from used fishing nets, in the Philippines. The fishing grounds are becoming more and more polluted with fishermen not knowing how to dispose of their used nylon. By creating a company that buys used nylon per kilogram at a reasonable price, fishermen will be more motivated to keep their used nylon and clean them for selling. The company will then sell this with a mark-up to different companies like Interface and DuPont who uses the used nylon for their manufacturing and other processes. Though there are is a current NGO organization under Interface that does such outreach to certain villages, an enterprise model will increase impact to other cities and set the standards for both buyer and seller, making the trade more efficient. If successful, this business can then be copied to other cities or even to other countries where there are higher demands and supplies for used nylon.

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