I am..

First name / Last name

Jessie Kay


Project Overview

Amateur writer and author's free practice teaching and a small printing press

In a small office or building, we take our lessons, practice and lectures. a small set up of a room will do as long as it is comfortable for us, i can be the teacher. Our budget for the equipments, writing tools, school supplies and any other necessities will be from individual who have a kindly heart, a corporation with a helping hand and of course from the government. Our activities will focus on how to become a good writer, a good citizen, a good being and how to connect with peoples thinking. This will not improve any technological innovation but it will improve every students creative and ideas on what going on the environment. This will not help and improve you to become a fiction writer and fantasies rather it will focus on a current issue on a certain place, peoples wrongdoings, helping how to improve oneself and any ideas ho to become a good citizen by writing and eventually put it in a book. It is not being an activists or rebellious rather just to help oneself and be aware on whats going on in a current place. It will not be a profitable or in demand business because it will solely rely on what, who and if ever it will get a fund on. And if ever we got a good amount to implement project that is just good and must to our community then it will be a no brainier not to implement. And for the printing press, if ever a student finished or collaborate an idea to put it in a book, then we will communicate a bookstore to sell and have an agreement, and the profit will be add to our fund for future project. So it is basically a self improvement teaching facility.

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