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Business, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Communication, ICT, Sales, Financial Management

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Juscelina Guirengane is a multi-tasked entrepreneur, social activist, volunteer, public speaker and business consultant with about 9 years of professional experience, both at the local and international level.

I hold a Business Commerce Honours Degree with a double major in Finance and Information Systems and Technology, from the University of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. I simultaneously, run my own businesses, I am the President of the National Association of Young Entrepreneur’s (ANJE), the President of the Mozambique USA Alumni Association (MUSAA), and the Global Entrepreneurship Network Managing Director for Mozambique. In addition, I am a former President Barack Obama alumni of the Initiative for Young African Leaders (Mandela Washington), an Ashoka Fellow, and have been part of multiple international conferences, symposiums and trainings in the Finance, IT and general entrepreneurship field.

Among my most exciting achievements is the development and launch on playstore of a mobile financial management application “econta”, for micro and small businesses, with a great focus on self-employed women.

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Juscelina Guirengane