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Hope Engraver

Arts never end just as arts. Our Hope Engraver has an aspiration to make calligraphy being utilized for practicing urban redevelopment, promoting reading activity, supporting animal companions, helping protection of the environment, and cultivating children of talent. Calligraphy, which is a visual art for characters of language, has been being used in various fields such as fashion, product design and so on. Especially, the Republic of Korea is in the grip of calligraphy fever. Without distinction of age or sex, numerous people make a hobby of doing calligraphy using Korean letters, called Hangeul. Hangeul calligraphy make us come true expressing infinite feelings just with letters. Thus, that written in Hangeul can be an artwork not just a language. First, we will paint murals as Hangeul calligraphy in shantytown and make possible for urban redevelopment.br /> Second, we will produce bookmarks decorated by Korean calligraphy. On the bookmarks, expressions that encouraging the reading are going to be written. Third, we will do the calligraphy on name tags of pets. They can prevent missing animals and also can raise an attention on companion animals. Fourth, this business can be extended to making an awareness bracelet for the environment. On the bracelet, we will draw Korean letters calligraphy for the protection of the environment by giving short sentences. Fifth, Hope Engraver will hold an exhibition of Hangeul calligraphy. And the profit earned by the activity is going to be donated to charity. Sixth, with all business we mentioned above except for the fifth, holding a calligraphy exhibition, we will support children and teenagers who are interested in and have a talent in art activities but also have poverty-striken family background. By bring up the gifted children, this work will foster the field of art.

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