Comment on: EDU-CELL
August 25, 2017 21:31

thanks for promoting education in your country, education is wealth in every part of the country, i wish you success in all the process of voting, remember the same will be implemented in Africa Uganda northern region

August 25, 2017 21:21

dears colleague time has gone , i present to you , promoting intercultural through music dance and drama, this project have been tested and is the only project that can bring peace in the region northern uganda, right now land issue has cause wrangle in the country but more especially in northern uganda where customary land prevail ,vote for this project so that peace may prevail in northern uganda

August 2, 2017 18:40

dear friends can you vote for my project promoting intercultural through music, dance and drama so that northern Uganda recover from this trauma of post conflict OF 2 DECADES OF WAR

July 17, 2017 09:45

promoting intercultural , is one way that acholi and lango can be united together through dialogue, music , dance and drama to remove the trauma of lord resistance kony war that have prevail for over 20 years in northern Uganda

July 4, 2017 19:54

i really appreciate your innovates ,i hope all will be well as the life of people will be -social therapy: Providing psycho-social assistance to the formerly displaced populations, especially those who are most vulnerable, in educational, cultural, community, religious and primary health settings to reduce vulnerabilities, and prevent their stagnation, which may result in long-term mental problems for the individuals and social problems for the communities at large.

June 25, 2017 11:51

Community involvement; they are participating in project identification and design, during project implementation, communitys participation is voluntary/self selecting and they will participate in monitoring and evaluation stages, project review and various meetings