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Travolteer.com Bring Your Good Work Wherever You Go

Objective Travolteer.com is designed to act as a global marketplace for travelers to discover and join volunteering and conservation activities around the world. Volunteers generally seek for not only a noble way to give back to the society but at the same time they hope to gain a memorable volunteering experience to be shared with their friends and family. As passionate part-volunteers and part-travelers ourselves, we understand the value of having a trusted resource you can rely on to help you discover, share and book some of the worlds fulfilling volun-tourism experiences. Thus, we introduce to you, travolteer.com. It is bringing the concept of volun-tourism (volunteer tourism) which gives the traveler an opportunity to participate in an optional excursion that has a volunteer component, as well as a cultural exchange with local people while providing travel experiences with memories that last a lifetime. Activities Travolteer.com is designed to cater to the social conscious traveler who wants a combination of a destination that enables them to give back and at the same time contains elements of traditional travelling experiences. The underlying ideology of volunteer tourism represents a transition in society from travel to take to travel to assist putting something back while you travel. Travolteer.com allows you to book volunteering and conservation activities and share your experiences and opinions via the Travolteer.com website. Innovative-approach our close working partnership with NGOs and conservation organizations around the world allow us to provide users with exclusive experience that cannot be found anywhere else. This means providing features such as: Negotiating the best prices. Highest quality tours and activities that we know will provide a life-changing experience for the individuals and communities involved. Verified reviews and ratings from a community of avid social conscious travelers. Suggested destination itineraries and tips

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