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I enjoy leadership and entrepreneurship along with giving Conflict Resolving Solutions for Global problems.

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Meetings with influential people who want to empower people to make the World a free environment where everybody can achieve their fullest potential.

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I’m a 23 year old Entrepreneur, Business & Visionary Consultant from Bangalore, India. I also work as the Director of Recruitment for a Business Consultancy firm of out Bangalore, India called Versys Consultants and Services. Versys helps Entrepreneurs start businesses and also consults and enables businesses to grow. I have assisted Entrepreneurs to start businesses and have also won an award called the Transformation Entrepreneurship Award from the Business Development Center, Bangalore for my passion towards seeing culture transformed through my clothing line called Jon Michael/JM (start-up). My vision for this World is to see a society where everyone can realize their full potential and become everything they have dreamed to become. Light will always overcome darkness and I believe that there are more good people in this World with the right intentions than bad ones and this gives me great hope to continue creating platforms, businesses and opportunities to empower the weak and oppressed. My goal is to enable people find their purpose in life so that they too can also provide solutions and strategies to make this World a better place.

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Jonathan Michael


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FreedomX - An E-Commerce platform to help end human trafficking

FreedomX will be an e-commerce platform for fashion designers, brands and start-ups who want to fight human trafficking by selling their products under the FreedomX label. Whenever consumers engage with FreedomX to buy products and services a portion of profits go directly towards our partner NGOs and businesses to help with the restoration, skill-equipment and employment of victims of trafficking. Vision: The vision of FreedomX is to end human trafficking throughout the World by engaging and unifying the Global Marketplace with social organizations and Government bodies. Crowd-Employment: Crowd-Employment is a process where socially responsible consumers intentionally engage with products and services from FreedomX because: - They desire to see victims of trafficking being employed as a result of their business transaction - They like the quality, design and price of the FreedomX product that benefits them as a consumer. For example Socially responsible consumers in Milan, Italy love Freedom X designer wear and so they purchase it with a goodwill intention to contribute towards helping anti-human trafficking efforts in India. Priya (anonymous name) is a former trafficked victim after being rescued by a Freedom X partner NGO. Priya always loved making pretty scarves from a young age. Now, some profits received from the purchase of designer wear in Italy, empowers Priya to start making and selling her scarves.

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