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As a medical student I do research on neurosciences, humanization toward the patient and virtual reality.

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My name is Joao Brainer, I am a 22-years-old, 4th year medical student in Brazil, to be precise, in a city called Recife where breathtaking beaches and yearlong summers contrast with extreme poverty and violence. With that in mind, I decided to become a doctor, to stand up for those who needed the most. Upon entering med school, for my work regarding mental health focusing on Patient Based Care, I was honored with the Ascona Prize, given by the international Balint federation to select medical students in the word, being the first in my country to achieve such award. Since then, I dedicate my time to develop innovative ideas to raise awareness of public health and at the same time create strategies to support the sustainable development of medicine. I also works as a Scholarship researcher at FIOCRUZ research institute, where my field of study is the ZIKA virus and its repercussion to public health. In 2016 I founded the Imaging diagnosis and Interventional Radiology Academic League (LADIR) in which I holds the position of Vice president. In the same year I contributed to the Brazilian code of ethics for medical students compiled by the CFM – Federal Council of Medicine.
Concerned about the public education in my country, I Volunteered in the Project “Mangueira da Torre”- teaching physics for low-income children. In addition to that, I became part of the program “Conto no Ponto” whose objective is to read books for sick infants at the university hospital as well as their social inclusion.
Just Recently, I became the state Director of the ABLAM- Brazilian Association of Academic Leagues, aiming at the scientific development and enhancement of the medical art.
Alongside prizes earned in national and international conferences, we have published several scientific papers.

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João Brainer-Lima