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Mohamad Hadi Kassem

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Jobegic (strategic jobs) is a professional-social network for empowering future leaders. It is a technology-driven movement for social and economic change to reinvigorate academic and professional discourse, raise awareness and hope for nations, business development, encourage dynamic enterprise, build resilient economies, sustainable environments, social engagement and community integration. Jobegic identified 6 drivers for sustainable and inclusive empowerment: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Ecology, Economy, Events These 6Es have sub-categories that members can share and discuss content, socialise and connect with members from civil society, companies, governments, universities, and other institutions. Jobegic is a novel concept for the digital economy that helps people achieve their potential by empowering them so they can empower someone else in the future, thereby making the process self-fulfilling and perpetual in time. It is an innovative and scalable project with high social impact projections. Its simple: sign up, connect and engage with members from business, academic, community, government, and civil society. For example, students may chat with employers, entrepreneurs may meet investors and mentors or launch their startups, companies may connect with employees or look to hire them, governments may engage with the public, or members might want to share their latest projects and find clients too. Jobegic strives to address the growing youth unemployment crisis (over 75 million aged 16-24 unemployed globally, MENA being the worst affected) along with the social and economic implications associated with joblessness (depression, addiction, crime, poverty, protests, riots, etc). Jobegic drives knowledge-sharing and capacity-building through a procial platform Overall Jobegic aims to address issues related to sustainable social and economic development by connecting communities locally and globally through an integrated online platform.

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