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Manufacturing, I have basic fundamental principles in production, I have knowledge in interpreting financial spreadsheets. Developing of cash flow projections, profit and loss, Balance sheet and I have good marketing skills.

I´m constantly looking for

Finance to facilitate the following : Nafdac registration number, customized packaging materials, raw materials, delivery van, and a distribution network and a working capital

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Joel Nmalagu is my name. I am a graduate of Industrial Chemistry and Petrochemical technology. After graduating from the University I won a scholarship to attend the Aspiring Entrepreneur Program at fatefoundation in Lagos, Nigeria. Thereafter I established my company to manufacture household cleaning and personal care products that promotes the living condition and overall wellbeing of low income earners as our primary target market through quality and affordable hygiene products,while we also improve the wellbeing of high income earners. In pursuit of my dream I applied for the Tony Elumenu Foundation and was selected as one of the 1000 Entrepreneurs in 2017 whoes idea has potential to transform African as a Pan-African business. I have been involved in buying and selling while in school, this gave me exposure to practical marketing skills.

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Joel Nmalagu