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Joe Okatch


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Pragma: Guided approach to course selection for prospective college students

Pragma is a platform that enables students to pursue the right courses from high school to colleges. From an early stage students in high schools are guided on the right subject combinations based on what they desire to pursue as careers, and a variety on other intrinsic parameters. Then, upon completion of high schools, students are assisted to make career-guided choices on the right courses to enrol for based on their subject strengths, existing college courses, existing career opportunities and in line with their career desires. In a world with many colleges and courses with varied job opportunities, students face challenges in knowing the right courses to pursue. This often leads to students pursing unsuitable careers. Worse still is that colleges are expensive and this leads to wasted money on fees. Graduate students often enrol for a second course or even a third with the hopes of getting a proper job. In most cases, the information on the right career usually exists but is often not available at the right time. Pragma aims to be a platform that equips students in high school, before enrolling for college, during college and upon graduation from college, the relevant information curated and organised systematically in ways that are easy to find and utilise.

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Ratibar, online interactive timetable for colleges and universities

Ratibar lets colleges and universities swiftly create accurate interactive course and exams timetables with no effort. With unit combinations and room sharing techniques, colleges can maximize student enrolment while saving on learning space by efficient pairing of course units to room spaces. Additionally, it offers real-time reports on class attendance by both students and teachers, usually important in grading and on teacher payrol. Also, students and teachers can interact any time using the mobile app. It is offered online as a SaaS with an optional package for customized and self-hosted model for institutions with very unique requirements. Ratibar customer segment includes private and community colleges to large private and public universities worldwide.

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