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Joey Raymann


Project Overview

The healthy food chain

The idea is to set up a chain of healthy food delivery restaurants all over the country. Young dropouts will learn how to cook healthy dishes. They will be trained on their entrepreneurial and management skills and discipline. They will also be guided in setting up a feasible business plan. The Health and food professionals will teach them about the food while NGOs, who already are active in their branch, will focus on the entrepreneurship and discipline. These courses will be held at cooking schools, home school and old restaurants. The products that will be used will be purchased from local organic farmers. If the dropouts finish their training successfully, the trainee can get a loan to start their own franchise healthy food delivery restaurant in his or her district. There will be a central website and national telephone number for people all over the country to order their healthy dish. This order will be transferred to the restaurant nearest to the costumer. A percentage of the profits will be used to distribute healthy dishes to retirement homes, orphanages, shelters and to other less fortunate for free. In the future this project has to be a part of the school care plan of the ministry of educational objectives. We also want a health approval stamp of our national health institution. My home country is a tropical country with a lot of different cultures living together in peace. Thanks to all these cultures we are known for our diversity of delicious but often unhealthy food dishes. Our ministry of health recently released an alarming report showing that we as a society maintain a very unhealthy lifestyle, mainly caused by eating unhealthy food. So in order to change that, I want to create more awareness about healthy food.

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