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I possess leadership skills for example right now am the Chairperson of the youth group called Nkokonjeru A Ignite Youth Group. Am a team player. Like solving conflict between youth.

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Am a resourceful and self-motivated person with rich in different sectors of I C T,
administrative work and having a wide range of general responsibility and expertise gained
through studies of office and information management as well as my experience working for
Skymark Africa Tours and Travel Company, Prudential, Kyengera Youth Visioners and Nkokonjeru A Ignite Youth Group. I possess a strong communication skill with
excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge in doing certain piece of work. Able to
work independently and contributing extensively to team work and always displays
willingness to helpful manner and resolving different disputes in the organization leading to
the achievements of its goals coupled with the degree of integrity, confidentiality, objectivity,
excellent customer service and pays attention to detail. I have an a ward of leadership from St Charles Lwanga Catholic community that I received in 2017 as the acting head of Publicity, I have an a ward of Project Manager from Kyengera Youth Visioners that I received in 2018.

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John Paul Wamala


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