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I'm good at planning, I really enjoy studying and getting to know the real needs of the public. I believe that good planning coupled with good execution are capable of changing negative realities such as environmental degradation. I am very competitive and visionary, I always believed that it could contribute in some way to transforming the world into a better place to live. I always fought for my goals. I like to lead groups because I believe that the leader is much more than a guide, he is the representative and spokesman of all the group's ideas.

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I need the help of companies that can finance my idea, and so we put it into practice. The visibility that the competition can give me will be very important so that I keep fighting to present the real functionality and importance of my idea to the world.

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My name is Jorge Ataides, I’m 18 years old, I’m Brazilian. One of the things that brought me to this competition was my effort and dedication to studies, another thing was my teachers, without them today I would not be here presenting myself and presenting my idea to the world. They were and are essential in my school and academic life. In 2018 I created a socio-environmental project called “Recriart”, which transformed recyclable materials into games and sustainable toys, which were donated to public school students. In 2017 I was ranked third – state level – in the writing contest of the Public Defender’s Office (DPU). I have my voice, my goals, my ideas … and especially one of the most important things currently: hope. So why not share them with you? with my voice I intend to show society that it is very easy and conscientious to help the environment from small actions.

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Jorge Rodrigues Ataides Junior