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Civil Engineering/Architecture, Food, Travels, Environment, World Issues, Video Games, Sports, Politics, Music

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Sports, Food, Travel, Self-Balance, Music, Poetry, Art in General, and World Issues discussions

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Do get to change the world with my perspective, according to my world-reading, I do trust in a day after tomorrow!

With full dedication on my goals, and not fooled by capitalist traps… some way, somehow, I do believe that is happening a miseducation of all good intentions.
We unit, as a group of people that have this faith (of a truly Better World) and put that as responsibility in our path, we got to step up and work ourselves of;

-Because, By The Way, Planet Earth is a pretty big of a labor field-.

Having this in mind, I was an exchange student, lived a year in New York and Oklahoma when I was by the age of 15, it was such a great experience, that provided an out of range world-reading.

To change the world I MUST have tools, and definetly this experience will work as a scientific and business visa for the rest of my career and without doubt life!

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Joseph Andrade Borges de Oliveira