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Joseph Asare


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Groundnuts farming in support of Youth Education

Asaasiam Vision International was established in 2012 in honor of the late Teacher Asare, Maame Georgina and Opanin Asiamah for their great contributions in transforming the lives of many destitute people in Ghana. Asaasiam Vision International is a youth- led non-governmental and non-partisan organization which support destitute children, school dropouts, vulnerable girls and empower women in deprived communities in Ghana (Africa) through education, vocational training and women empowerment projects. Asaasiam believes that effective and sustainable economic development comes through education, vocational training and women empowerment programs, where vulnerable members of the community are given education, vocational skills, motivation and support to improve their lives and communities. Our objectives are: to encourage, promote and support youth education and vocational training, to empower women in low income communities through economic activities, to mobilize resources and facilities from key stakeholders, government, and donors to support impoverished youth and deprived communities for sustainable development, and to reduce poverty and hunger through sustainable agriculture projects. Our activities include: enrolling school dropouts and school going age children and youth in the remote part of Ghana in school, provision of education materials such as books, school uniforms, pens and pencils to school children and youth in deprived communities of Ghana, supporting teenage parents to acquire vocational skills and training, empowering women through livelihood program, and cultivation of maize and groundnut to reduce hunger and poverty. Our approaches to addressing the challenges faced by impoverished youth and vulnerable women have proven effective and it includes: material and financial support, vocational training, special needs identification research programs, discussion forum and seminars in deprived communities and schools, face-to-face interactions with the youth, carrier guidance and counseling, community farm projects in groundnuts and maize cultivation in support of youth education.

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