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• Création des opportunités pour le développement de l'Afrique • Programme de l'entrepreneuriat des jeunes et d’insertion social • Création d'outils d'innovation identitaire pour la gastronomie africaine

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I was born over 33 years ago.
After my primary and secondary studies, I decided to set out to conquer the world and human development more than 13 years ago in the hotel and restaurant industry, in particular in African cuisine,

European Italian cuisine, continental cuisine and Arabic cuisine. I have extensive experience in the world of hospitality in general hotels, tourism and catering. I am of Cameroonian origin, I took my first steps in the hotel industry as a cook and waiter in the starred restaurant of Akwa Douala.
Like the chef of the Le Capitol Buea Cameroon hotel.
I am married

My determination and my commitment to be able to change the world are part of my fundamental qualities.
Raising awareness educate demonstrate are part of my daily sharing to be able to revolutionize the world entrepreneurship is a major tool for the development of our society.
the sharing of Knowledge makes the determination to realize his dream, rigor and moralization, are my own weapons
• Hôtellerie & la Restauration • Hébergement & Management

• Formateur en Art Culinaire • Planification des événements culinaire

• Consultation en Hôtellerie & Restauration • Tourisme & Restauration

• La Préparation des Aliments • Coordinateur des services FB & Traiteur

• Permis class BCE DL • Planification des Menus

• Gestion de la chaîne logistique • Santé & sécurité

• Assistant Personnel et Exécutif •Assurance de la Qualité des Aliments

• Connaissances Informatiques • Directeur du Projet

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