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Environmentalists and digital marketer

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I am looking for support to take this initiative and movements to the next level,if I can work with any government body,NGOs and individuals that can support or give aid through logistics and funds to reach out to such areas living in abject poverty at larger scale.If given the maximum support, I will start by creating a strong network by doing sensitization and awareness campaign in my community

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Growing up as a child, I have always been passionate about giving my quota of achievements back to the society, in the aspect of poverty eradication.Through this I have reach out to so many people in my school as an in entrepreneur and which made me won the 2016 student Union Government as the best entrepreneur and a creator of labour amongst undergraduate students within the campus of university of Jos plateau state Nigeria. I have assisted as a facilitator, resource person and trainer in different programs,projects and initiatives of financial empowerment, skills acquisition and entrepreneurship start-up programs to reduce idleness amongst undergraduate students. But to my greatest surprise poverty visibility is still striking at an alarming rate in our society. WHY? Because the environment is the visible images of poverty. I started working with wastecellence services in 2016 as the operations Manager in waste disposal, recycling and sorting of material,which opened my mind to how people attitude towards our environment is characterized by self centeredness,hedonism and greed.So I decided to encourage my staff to give back to the society by organizing free cleaning and sensitization to residence of barnawa Kaduna state,this initiative was tagged to make them understand that taking care of the environment is our collective efforts.
So I asked myself are we going to continue empowering people through small and medium enterprise and forgetting the environment as the only social business hub.There is an intertwined between poverty, pollution, insecurity, crime,diseases outbreak, mental illnesses, drug and substance abuse including alcoholism. Lack of clean environment;
1.Endangered people livelihood
2.increased schools drop out rate and gang involvement.While community with clean environment prosper physically and economically. So I took it upon me as a serving corp member of Environmental protection and sanitation club to train secondary schools students about “HABITAT PROTECTION HABIT” It has been a great success but due to poor funding and support I couldn’t cover most areas in the Kaduna north local government area.I still believed in this vision and dream, I have promised myself not to relent no matter the difficulties in life.