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Born to a low income family of starters with only one parent learned to an ordinary level of education in Uganda in the standard of Uganda certificate of education, My father who attained some education was able to take me to school and as soon as I was one more class to the level of education he attained (senior four), he lost his job to low qualifications since the humanitarian organization he worked for needed to upgrade the level of education of their employees. This meant my dropping off school but I got a scholarship of MasterCard foundation to complete Advanced certificate of education and qualified for an award of Government scholarship in my country Uganda to pursue a career in environmental sciences.
My background is an agro pastoral community that formally relied on both crop growth on small scale and animal herding but currently the region is registering high numbers of below poverty line individuals and is the most vulnerable region to climate shocks being an arid region in Uganda.
Karamoja is facing an alarming rate of cattle diseases and food shortages and people are dying everyday of starvation and this incubates my idea of cereal banking for sustainability to avert the problem of shortages during prolonged droughts.
In the recent seasons including this one, the rainfall amount received is not only below average but also erratic which makes an assurance of poor weather and therefore high doubts for the agricultural activities.

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Jovan Kelvin Lokwara