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Joy Okoro


Project Overview

The Hands That Feed Project

Our idea is to educate, reach out and provide for those students that are hungry, tired, and sick and have been overworked at home by establishing a modern school canteen and a sick bay that will be made available to all children enrolled in primary and secondary schools regardless of their parents income or status. This project will further encourage parents to send their kids to school to take advantage of this free breakfast and free healthcare and further foster the love for learning in children. We will deliver 2 hours training for students on the importance and benefits of breakfast and healthcare and another 2 hours for teachers to act as first respondent incase of emergencies or illness. This we believe will represent an important contribution to the wellbeing of children and help ensure that they get the best possible start to their learning and their lives and make important contribution to their longer term health by ensuring that what they eat is nutritious and healthy. Through this project we aim to achieve these; Provide food and healthcare for all, regardless of their parents income or status Encourage and fostering the love for learning in children. To provide a social setting for children to play, work, and mix with other students and teachers. To provide First Aid and or Emergency Care to the schools population. To encourage students show improved attendance, behavior, and standardized achievement test scores as well as decreased tardiness. Increase participation and engagement at school Improve childrens performance on demanding mental tasks and reaction to frustration Encourage other kids to go to school.

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