• Jennifer Ranking posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Starting out as an entrepreneur, you can become extremely engrossed in your business idea and potential profits you can make from it without thinking of the basics. As your business starts to grow, you start to care for others than just yourself. You start to hire more staff and work in larger spaces/offices which means you become responsible for others too. This is why health and safety should be a top priority when you move into a commercial space and you should take every step to ensure your workers are safe. Here are a few ways you can make your business a safer place to work.

    Hire One Of Your Staff As A Healthy And Safety Officer

    Hiring a supervisor to monitor health and safety in a workplace means that it’s an issue that can easily be kept on top of. It’s also a lot harder as a manager to stay on the frontline when you have other priorities to check on the wellbeing of your staff, whereas a fellow worker will always be aware of what’s happening. It allows them to make sure that everyone’s complying with health and safety regulations on a consistent basis.

    Have Health And Safety Talks

    As part of your staff members schedules, every week or so you can provide them with health and safety talks around their general conduct around the workspace and area. This’ll help raise awareness about hazards around the office and inform them of ways they can access health and safety information. By working together as a team they can help to keep each other safe as well as themselves.

    Make Sure The Correct Safety Equipment Is Installed/Working

    The size of your workspace will determine what equipment or designs you need to have in your working environment. So, if you work in a small office then you can install plants or air conditioning that can help promote clean air to circulate around the office. If it’s a much larger space that you work in, you should make sure that your large industrial ventilation systems are cleaned thoroughly and work properly. In doing this, it can help to increase the productivity of your staff too.

    Provide A Checklist To Your Staff

    A great way for staff to keep on top of health and safety is providing them with a checklist. This could be provided in their handbook when they first join or be visible around the work environment in places that are easily accessible. This means they always know what’s expected of them with regards to health and safety expectations.