Comment on: MotherCare App
July 10, 2019 15:01

Hi Regina,
I just voted for you once again. I believe each one of us is created to be a solution to someone/ something somewhere in the world. Dont let anyone tell you your ideas dont count.

Comment on: Eyesaver
July 10, 2019 14:54

Kudos to you for this important project. Many do not know the value of their eyesight until it is gone. Keep pursuing this goal and I know you will achieve it. Lets keep supporting each other.

Comment on: MotherCare App
July 4, 2019 12:20

Hi Regina,
Thanks for your comment on my project. It is good to know we are both working towards making pregnancy safer for women. Your app can also be utilized by my project beneficiaries! Keep up the good work.