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Julia Moura


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Tunnel Lab Pilot Project

Tunnel Lab is a non profit on a mission to disrupt education in developing countries as we know it. We are starting our activities in Brazil, in the slums of Rio. We believe the solution for poverty is about focusing on providing the skills and the necessary environment so people can solve their own problems. More than effectively transforming the lives of low income Brazilian students, our short term educational program directly impacts the global economy we are living today. We select underserved students from the poorest areas in Rio and for one year they receive a dynamic, hands-on-learning training to be become successful entrepreneurs. Its a very simple equation: BA + Innovation + Computer Science After 9 months, students enter an accelerator program where they will develop their own tech-based business solutions for the community's biggest social challenges. Our approach is based on the premise that it's not about alleviating poverty, its about generating wealth for communities in need. We work using Design Thinking to adapt IT and Business concept to the student's realities, so they can relate to what they are learning. We also focus on ensuring the curriculum is very practical so that the students can produce real outcomes out of each learning session and be even more motivated to continue with the classes.

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