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I have studied Monitoring and Evaluation courses of which I have been doing consultant work for other companies on part time basis. I am a team worker, I love working in a team and also delegating. I have run several projects before where I was the coordinator and I always tried to give my utmost best. I have listening and responding skills and am very helpful. I always try to accommodate others.

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I need assistance with gardening tools and seed. I also need human resources and transport. Water pipes and shade nets for plants.

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I am Juanita Gouws, a single outspoken young bright individual that strives to make a difference in the life’s of the less fortunate in my community and those that need it. three years back, I worked as a HIV counselor at the Ministry of health in my country. I saw how many people from poor or less privileged communities were infected with the virus and so I wrote a letter to the ministry of land to provide a space where I was able to plant fruits and veggies for this people to contribute to the healthy life styles they are suppose to live. I have the land, but it was and has always been a struggle to get assistance with other equipment and tools to cultivate and grow all the above mentioned produce.

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juanita gouws