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I have got major expert skills in sustainable and creative development of communities, I am very enthusiatic, hands-on and solution-oriented (in fact not only solution-oriented, but always keeping the big picture in mind)

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I am passionate about the correlation between people and places. My vision is about creating an environment in which people can unfold their full creative potential. To me, the relevance of a place is to connect people with each other and give them a safe and encouraging ground to test (visionary) ideas.

My study and work experiences in various countries helped me to acquire an international, hands-on working approach. In our globalised world I see a lot of value in exchanging and sharing concepts of different places, as well as questioning the status quo and applying a holistic, future-oriented project approach.

I see my major strengths in perceiving and understanding complex situations and finding simple, well-targeted solutions. My special focus lies on the interests of the younger audience and to transfer a philosophy of “create, test & try”.

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Julia Hußmann