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I am 23 years old and I am an environmental manager of the Distrital University in Bogota- Colombia; leader of the research group PECSA in the same University, working the research lines of sustainable fishing and environmental policy.
I was research unit’s monitor of Faculty of Environment and Natural Resource for 2 years (2012 and 2013).

I had the opportunity to participate in the events:
– United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20) In Brasil
– VI Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia (April, 2012), I was linked in the group of Natural Disaster.
– III Latin American Forum on Sustainable Development in Argentina.

Currently I am member of Colombian Network of research groups (REDCOLSI) and World Youth Alliance Latin America (WYA).

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Julieth Paola Cubillos Tovar


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App Fish: Know-choose-consume

Is necessary develop actions to protect endangered biodiversity and ensure its use in a sustainable and responsible way; in the specific case of ornamental fish and fish consumption, in Colombia, there is a considerable number of species in danger of extinction because of overexploitation, deterioration of ecosystems and consumer misinformation that do not let them choose the best option. In turn there is inequity in this market chain, since economic benefits received by first actors of the chain (fishers) do not compensate their effort. Considering this situation, arose the idea of the app, which pretends, mainly, offer info that let consumers analyze more criterias and choose better fish that do not produce negative impacts over ecosystems, let them know the conditions of several fish species , social aspects around ornamental fish and fish consumption, even offer them ways to prepare fish to eat (recipes- nutrition). Objectives - Reduce the consumption of fish species endangered - Increase trade (fair and sustainable) along the market chain of ornamentals fish and consumption, promoting fishers associations of vulnerable populations who have exploit sustainably the fishery resource - Give info about available fish species in different regions, their conditions (informed consumer) Activities 1) Compilation of info to the app (biological data, geographic, social, culinary) 2) Design 3) Graphical and visual edition 4) Association with operators (Android, Blackberry, etc) Innovation: 4 informative approaches ( environment- Nutrition - fishing communities market) - Inventory of species by region (condition, size, calendar) - Substitute species because of endangered - Recipes with fish - Fish (ornamental and consumption) come from vulnerable fisher communities - List of companies and restaurants recommended for buy fish. Finally this is the first app about ornamental fish in Colombia, important aspect since the country is the second exporter of this kind of fish in Latinamerica.

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