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Environmentalist, Fashion Designer, Wastepreneur and Disability Inclusion

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Hope to gain Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge on how to build strong business management systems such as business financing, marketing, staffing and scaling up of business from start-up to lasting companies. Discovering how social businesses are run elsewhere and how challenges are addressed. I hope to acquire more Leadership skills which will enable me lead my team better, and encourage them to work together for prosperity of business. My entry into the program will hopefully enable me acquire more skills and experience in running an empowerment based business so as to impact the world better. I equally hope that I shall be able to pass on skills of management to my teams and to many other entrepreneurs

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I grew up in poverty as an orphan with my single grandmother in a remote and rural
Village in Uganda due to the victimization of disability caused to my family. My
Grandmother was a tailor and inspired me as a child to use cut-offs and plastic waste, I
Would gather from the streets, to produce my own dolls because she could not afford buying me toys. What others threw away, I started to use as available resources
To create something. This changed my mind-set towards waste and I started to see the value In protecting the environment. At the age of 20 I and my team we founded Kimuli Fashionability as a sustainable fashion brand to fight for the conservation of the environment and inclusion of persons with disabilities. We use plastic waste materials to produce fashion and accessories, which are hand made by our tailors with disabilities, whom we train and employ to creatively upcycle plastic waste into fashion for beautiful products with a purpose for
Awareness about the under-looked global plastic waste crisis. Waste is only waste if you waste it.

Our upcycled rain jackets from old sugar sacks were selected for display at the UN Global Goals Week during the 73. UN General Assembly. Our efforts to create revenues for youth and disabled persons were recognized by the Federation of Uganda Employers, who selected and awarded us as the “Best Young Employer of the Year (2019)”. Being awarded by Ban-Ki-Moon as the “Global Greenpreneur award winners 2019 in Seoul Korea, runners up in the AWIEF Awards, Goalkeepers by Gates Foundation as part of Global Citizen Festival in south Africa, Tony Elumelu Fellow, Being published in Africa’s Education Innovations’18 by AU, emerged among the five winners of (Adamstart COVID19 challenge) with our Inclusive and reusable facemask with a transparent medium which enables people with hearing impairments to Lip Read during signing for effective communication and prevention of contracting to COVID19.
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Juliet Namujju