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Art, football, making research, martial arts

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My name is Julius Anayochukwu, I am 18 years who has completed both elementary and high school education with good grades. I am from the Southeast region of Nigeria, I speak English, Yoruba and a little bit of Deutsche. My hobbies/talents are: playing football, drawing, dancing, martial arts, solving maths, reading, playing brain games, creative conceptualization etc. I’m a young entrepreneur who is willing to touch many lives with my witty concepts and innovational thinking. In our world today, unconventional ways of live are being practiced thereby resulting to failures in businesses, careers and so on. I am ready to make a change with conventional thoughts and ideas, that seems to be the way of the 21st century, as I’m already undergoing some entrepreneurship training from one of the 2019 best idea finalist from Nigeria, who intuitively exchanged his experience and is supporting me heavily to be the best this 2020 as well.