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Financial support, good and enabling environment is required as well technical advice.

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Am a graduate of Economics from University of Jos Nigeria and presently searching for Job. Meanwhile am into Information Technology which I operate on a low scale due to lack or insufficient fund. It is my utmost desire to expand to other areas particularly those area that affects the environment, youth development and education. I believe that with the Help of my husband a registered Engineer in the field of Mechanical Engineering, if funds could be provided we intend to be employers of labour which we believe will have a multiplier effect in solving problems in the areas:
Youth restiveness, Reduction of disease and pollution, Hooliganism and other vice,financial emancipation to mention a few.

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Project Overview

Uncle CO Vocational Training Institute

The Institute when created will among others: Use Information Technology as a tool in making automobile repairs more attractive to the youth. This would be achieved by incorporating a computer training unit to the workshop to first prepare the students on the basic knowledge needed to use Information Technology to solve basic problems before introducing the concept of computer diagnosis of automobiles to them. It is expected that this idea would make mechanical workshop not to be seen as a dirty man job, but rather make it look polished for our youth roaming the street to harness the opportunity available in this area of endevour. This Idea is born from the fact that automobile repair have been relegated to the background due to obsolete and crook method of finding fault and repairs. The use of ICT will not only boost the capacity of the work force but also make the business more lucrative so as to accommodate more youth and empower them with the necessary skills to accept automobile repairs as a job to rely upon for survival and development. Vehicle diagnostics are the mechanics involved with identifying and assessing problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle. Mechanics may employ a wide range of techniques and tools in conducting vehicle diagnostics, ranging from cursory physical checks to oral interview of the vehicle owners on their experiences before, during and after the fault develops. The use of computer-based analysis is an easy and one time solution to sophisticated problem solution in Nigeria. Our objective is to Established a world class Computer based Mechanical Workshop that would use ICT to provide the full benefit of Automobile repairs.

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