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I'm an expert in Digital Marketing and have some skills in Robotics and Leadership.

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To set up my project, I need a substantial amount of money to recruit experienced developers to set up the platform, recruit experts in entrepreneurship and e-business to help me to design the trainings and also to launch, once the platform is created, a big campaign on social media in order to reach the maximum of people.

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Junior Natabou is a young high school student of Beninese descent and 15 years old. From a pharmacist father who died shortly before his birth to a mother working in the microfinance sector, he quickly distinguished himself by his excellent academic results. Together with a friend, he has set up a project of inventions, which is currently being implemented, supported by the President of the Republic of Benin and the Sèmè City Development Agency. He works as a Business Developer with Veritaseum and Web First Rank, international companies, thanks to his certification of “Mastering the fundamentals of Digital Marketing” signed by Google. Very interested in Entrepreneurship and E-Business, he launched his YouTube channel and Blog through which he aims to train thousands of young people in entrepreneurship and the establishment of a Business online.

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Junior Natabou


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