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We are a Greek team consisting of 6 members who are aiming to share their passion with as many students as possible around the globe. Our desire to occupy with this subject is driven by our MUN experience. The team members in particular: George Karchimakis : Deputy Secretary General of THIMUN, the greatest MUN conference. He is the first Greek to accomplish such an achievement and has participated to more than 20 conferences .On April he was included in the 30 Greeks under 30 years old estimated to succeed to the near future. Stratis Boumpouras: offers experience with his participation in the junior achievement Greece competition and in the Formula1 in schools competition. Next year, he will officially start studying accounting and finance in Athens Business School. He hopes to become a successful stockbroker. Paris Tsoutsis.: From October he as well will start attending the University of Athens to study law. The only sportsperson in our team as he was the national badminton champion .His dreams and goals are to bring an end to the modern political corruption and to fight for those in need. Argyris Biskinis: He has more than 10 MUN conferences in his record. He has participated both in Greek and English debating competitions. He has proven himself a gifted debater and a charismatic diplomat. Evie Gotsia Karavali: Winner of the 1st award at the Youth Entrepreneurship School competition. She has participated in a variety of MUN conferences both as delegate and as a chair. Voluntary, dynamic, rigorous she fights for everyday change hence, a brighter tomorrow. Lida Arapogianni: A hardworking woman, who has a deep moral code and does not hesitate to object in anything she feels is harmful. This is the reason why she has the last year’s finalist in the debating competition.