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I am a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Benin, after my graduation I went further to acquired professional Certification in Human Resource Management and Customers Relationship Management from Alpha Consulting Services. Currently I am also a certified google Digital marketer. My business idea or concept is within agriculture. It cut across Orange farming, fishing and piggery farm. This

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Sponsorship and investors who will aid me in driving this ideas to reality. This project is estimated at $8000 for start up while other expensive will be handle from the proceeding years as it is a long term project with high yielding.

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Epbabari Justice Deekae was born on the 25th November, 1992 in the family of six sibling in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State. I grew up in a Rural Community with little or non access to modern facilities. I was privileged to have born in the era when government offered free education at both primary and secondary levels. These privilege create and model the personality I have build today and the passion to become an entrepreneur who aspiration is to eradicate poverty and create opportunity for others. I was opportune to attend both primary and secondary education at an early age which enhanced me to FastTrack my direction in life. As a child, I had this dream of becoming a legal practitioner with the aim to foster Justice and fairness in the society where evil has always prevailed over good.

My journey to modern society was not smooth sailing as I have imagine. Infact, after my secondary education, it was near impossible for me to moved further because tertiary institution wasn’t free and easily accessible. First, I had no financial backing because I came from a poor family where everyone was struggling to meet up with life. I failed WAEC twice due to the fact that I had low preparation. Admission into the university came twice but I refused to accept them because they weren’t my Dreamed course. Until 2015 where I had no choice but to moved further and I accept the offered admission from the University of Benin where I study sociology and Anthropology.

During my undergraduate, I was working and studying, I retained my managerial position at Vincent Digital Enterprise where I perform both managerial and supervisory roles.

In 2018, I was nominated secretary General students association in my department. I was also the Vice president student fellowship. I was awarded best secretary general of the year in the student magazine.

I have also being involved in several agricultural programmes, such as as rural agriculture forum where I encouraged young farmers to key into digital agriculture and seek capital facilities from commercial banks.

During my NYSC service year which ended in April, 2022. I was part of the Agro Allied CDS Group inaugurated in Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State where we carried out extensive maize cropping which was later harvest and used for the production of pap for local consumption. I also serve as Agric farm manager and human resources person in my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

APART from the above background, I have professional Certification in Human Resource Management and Customers Relationship Management. I am also a certified google Digital marketer with passion to increase agricultural output across west Africa Region.

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Epbabari Deekae