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Kacem Boukraa


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Business Simulation

Today, Algerian young people are the most educated and qualified generation since the independence. Nevertheless, they encounter many serious difficulties in entering in the market of work and launch theirs startups and realize theirs dreams, in country which has second largest reserves of oil in Africa. For too many of them, the transition to work is problematic and for employers the search for fresh-minded talent is an on-going battle. Despite much progress in the quality of life over the past decade, opportunities for young people to find a job are bound to the general state of the economy here and overall employment situation in the country. At the university of USTHB (Algiers) as example there are actually more than 3000 fresh graduates every year from different branches (physics, computer science ) and more than this number preparing theirs PFE (thesis), the key problem wasnt at all financial. The Algerian government offer the necessary funding for new projects proposed by fresh graduates (Ansej program), up to 30 billions dinars are given every year for this purpose, its neither about the competences and qualifications, the big portion make a big progress after few months of leaving the country, its about the processes of shaping the IDEAS, and making the transition from the world of study to the work. This critical period has all the effect on the future of the graduates, between being a simple employee or a real successful entrepreneur.

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