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I'm a microbiologist, very knowledgeable in training, capacity building, special skills, industry-specific knowledge e.g. strategic management, leadership, financial and control management.

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I am a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Okana, Rivers State. I was born to a mother of 7 children in a lower-class family and father died when I was 10 years. Growing up, life was hard. My mother has no skills. That was the perfect storm for me. I was abused physically, emotionally, verbally etc from the children of middle-high-class families, no child should have to endure what I went through, but I really do believe that it made me stronger in a weird way. My venture into entrepreneurship was in school. I never got allowances as a kid, I could never afford all cool clothes or gadgets, so, I try to make way. I used to sell kerosene. In the university, I moved away from selling kerosene and sold palm slippers, sandals buying in dozens in a discounted prices, and sell it for double what I paid for each. My first ‘’job’ ’was the Central Alps. I was employed as the manager, my duties is to take stock, balancing of an account, and I was paid a monthly allowance of $35. So, my upbringing prepare me into entrepreneurship for independence, self-awareness, financial freedom (hunger for money), competitiveness and leadership.

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Kakimun Eke


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