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Ibrahim Kakinda


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ImprovingLlivelihood of Marginalized Women Farmers through Market-Led Development and financial Trai

This project identifies and addresses the challenges for integrating emerging young rural women farmers into Fair Agricultural Trade and associated value-added activities in building their capacity to respond to agricultural marketing issues and promoting training, technical knowledge and market information sharing in Mpigi district in Uganda. The overall aim is to train and provide support to marginalized rural women farmers in increasing agricultural productivity and enhancing their knowledge in market access and financial literacy with a broader target goal of reducing poverty. Specifically the project aims to empower a group of 60 emerging young rural women farmers in developing to commercialized farming thus increasing agricultural production and eventually their income earning capacity, organizing marginalized women farmers into a fully functioning women agricultural cooperative supported with knowledge to develop high-value agricultural products and strengthen links with profitable markets and service providers, training marginalized women farmers in agricultural skills, financial literacy and business development, promoting sustainable production practices that maintain biodiversity and crop diversification and empowering them with modern knowledge and skills in crop production in order to attain food security and self-sufficiency. Activities include holding community Dialogues to help to re-affirm project objectives, carrying out trainings in agricultural techniques and financial literacy focusing on key cross cutting issues including but not limited to Farm Management and Efficiency, Strengthening Market Information Systems, Business Management and Financial literacy and to set up a demonstration farm to act as a learning center to the women to showcase modern sustainable agricultural techniques and to guide beneficiaries on future projects. Exchange Visits and Study Tours of the farmers to facilitate farmers learning from their successive counterparts are also arranged. The project is partly financed by World Aid Support Organization (WA-SO), a humanitarian agency based in South Africa and generous contributions from our registered memberships.

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