August 9, 2018 15:46

Hi Temitope,

I have been volunteering at a school for refugees &/ migrant workers in Fang, Thailand for the past three years. And, from my experience, I wholeheartedly agree with you about the importance of education, especially for those without access to all the resources. Your idea has so much potential and will certainly benefit Nigerian students in the remote areas. It would definitely be helpful for students at Ban Wiang Wai School, too. Because the school is run by the Thai government, the students, who aren't ethnically Thai but mostly Shan ethnic minority from Myanmar, still have to study in Thai and follow the Thai primary school curriculum. Using multi-media platform and online classes to teach Shan language/history/culture would be amazing. I would love to stay in touch with you and learn about all the successes as you turn this idea into action. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


Kate Bradley

Comment on: Cardio vision
August 9, 2018 15:30

Hi Omar,

Your glasses will definitely aid those with vision problems. I wish you the best of luck in turning this idea into a life-enriching/enhancing product. I also appreciate your comments on my project! If you know anyone with expertise in water purification, please let me know. Many thanks!


Kate Bradley