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Stephen kalyesubula


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Community empowerment, Project management, ICT with agriculture, Programming (Desktop /android apps), Robotics, Science and Technology innovations.

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More funds to build cages for kuroilers, introduce ICT, train and equip beneficiaries with skills so as to expand the project to all communities

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Am Stephen Kalyesubula from Kampala-Uganda aged 23 years and am a director of Youths in Technology and development Uganda (YITEDEV) which is an NGO. At YITEDEV, our mission is to create communities of practice in which the appropriate use of technology creates opportunities for youths leading to Sustainable Community Development. YITEDEV majorly works to integrate technology in day-to-day community development interventions with a focus at the wellbeing all the youths.

Am a professional engineer and I have just complete my degree in computer engineering waiting to graduate in 2017 early January. In 2013 at Makerere University- College of Engineering Design Art and Technology, I joined [email protected] project (cedat.mak.ac.ug/ilabs) which specifically promotes science and technology innovations in secondary or high schools. I served as the head of robotics and embedded systems and the following duties were performed; Training fellow students on how to use prototyping boards, Extending ICT skills to disadvantaged schools, organizing project exhibitions for the purpose of encouraging other youths and making technical decisions for the team). In 2014 around October, I was awarded a national certificate of merit for organizing science and technology innovations challenge in Uganda and during that time more than 30 schools joined the project which improved on the education standards in Uganda.

At the age of 23 years, I have been able to open up a nonprofit organization called Youths in Technology and development Uganda which focuses at community youth development especially in rural communities of Uganda. So far the organization has reached out to over 800 youths in 4 months with school materials which they usually don’t have access to in realizing quality education see more (https://yitug.wordpress.com/2016/05/04/distribution-of-bluebonnet-hills-scholarstic-material-to-new-hope-primary-school-nkokonjeru/). It has also reached out to 20 youths with kuroiler chicken startup kits for helping them fight poverty and nutrition thus raising the income levels for the youths see more: (https://yitug.wordpress.com/category/agri-projects/poultry/).

With the programming skills, I and the YITEDEV-Uganda technical team, we are working on the android application that is to be used by pregnant mothers to monitor their pregnancy. This mobile app will include features like: (Status of the baby, Nutrition formulas, Weight updates, hospital reminders and so on). YITEDEV-Uganda is also currently working with Kikandwa Rural Community Development Organization (KIRUCDO) which is headed by Mr. Robert Kibaya to extended ICT tools and build chicken cages that are portable and affordable for poultry keeping and this is to expand the Kuroiler poultry project in Uganda.