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Law, Business & Enterprise, Public Speaking, Life Coaching, Writing, Public Procurement.

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Partners both in Private and Public sectors to help me raise the awareness

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I am very glad you have viewed my profile. I am a DR Congolese and Irish citizen. I love diving my head into Business world and try to think in such way the best I can. But most of my life is filled with sharing strong feelings to those in need, orphans especially.

I am currently a student of Philosophy at Dublin City University (DCU), and I currently hold a Diploma in Legal Studies, Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Diploma in European Public Procurement. And I’m a certified Public Speaker, as well as a certified Life Coach and I’m also a student in mobile application development (in iOS 10 & Swift 3).
Leadership is something that always I dive in with passion and full energy, because I don’t recall any good failure that occurred without taking good charge of it.

I do writing as my hobby, and I have written four novels and two poetry chapbooks. I sometimes love appearing in front of camera for a laugh :)

I love viewing the world as a place where I belong, and every door as something that I own. So sharing my place is always something that enjoy a lot in return. I also love being part of anything that positively matters in life changing and improvement. You will find me being part of something because I’m already someone in middle of things.

If I can be of any help to someone here, let’s get in touch because I’m not capable unless the capacity reveals the outcome. And I believe that success is just an idea that becomes a workable solution. So let’s work together to achieve the solution in our needs.

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Kangoma Kindembo