August 7, 2018 16:09

Not a problem Vartika.I will answer and suggeest some of the methods to avoid cancer------stop smoking and chewing tobacco,drink green tea which contains anti oxidants, get HPV vaccine against cancer,time to time get cancer screening done

August 7, 2018 16:01

Painful lumps on the male testicles also are a sign of cancer. Early detection increases the chance of fighting back and winning from the disease.prostate cancer is a commmon type of cancer these days

August 7, 2018 15:58

An enlarged urinary bladder is the sign of progressing prostate cancer.change in urine patterns ,sometimes more urination and sometimes less urination,is a sign of cancer in the bladder

August 7, 2018 15:56

When there is no explanation offered for anemia,the patient should immediately visit his doctor. Anemia is a disease wherein blood count of the patient drops drastically ,my dear friend.Help me spread awareness.

August 7, 2018 15:54

Blood in stools is always not so common.Blood actually indicates something is seriously wrong.In some cases,the blood is due to rupture of intestine wall but in cases it may lead to cancer

August 7, 2018 15:51

Any breat lump should also be taken seriously.A friend of mine had those lumps.She got tested.She was lucky for the lumps were of calcium and were hence non--cancerous in nature

August 7, 2018 15:40

Yes yes yes the main body entrusted with cancer research and development is the IARC.The IARC comes under the control and supervision of the World Health organisation

August 7, 2018 15:35

Hey Michael,I definitely agree with you that cancer treatment is a costly treatment. Thus we should keep our options open and support generic versions of the medicines available in this market

August 7, 2018 15:32

Hi Japhet,Thank you for moving forward on the path of sustainable development. I hope to hear again from you. Feel free to make any sort of suggestions. I will definitely support you dear

August 7, 2018 15:27

Yup carcinogenic factors are of two types--known factors and unknown factors.unknown factors may or may not result in cancer formations. But known factors do result in cancer eg---smoking,ct scan,uv radiations