August 7, 2018 15:20

Yeah skin cancer is caused by the uv ultra violet radiation of the sun.I advise you to wear sunscreen each and every time you go out in the sun.Purchase a higher spf sun lotion for better protection against the sun

August 7, 2018 15:12

Thanks for your kind reply.The information provided by you will be useful for not just me but all the people residing on mother Earth.I would like to add that oral cancer is caused by smoking and chewing tobacco. In India, majority of cancer deaths occur due to smoking

August 7, 2018 15:02

I have also read an article that says the magical hpv vaccine prevents major six types of cancers in the world.Spread the word so that more and more people support and get their kids vaccinated with the hpv vaccine

August 7, 2018 14:57

Yes yes you are right of course.The US government asks parents to get their kids vaccinated with HPV vaccine to prevent the occurrence of cancer as a adult.Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Thank

August 7, 2018 14:50

Always happy to help you. The most common types of cancer are colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and oral cancer.70% of cancer deaths occur in developing countries

August 7, 2018 14:43

My friend,cancer treatment includes 1)surgery (to remove cancer cells from spreading in the whole body) 2)chemotherapy 3)radiation therapy to kill the cancer cells.Whether or not cancer is fully eliminated can only be determined by future.We cannot say certainly that the patient is cured.The patient should get tested from time to time as a precaution.

August 7, 2018 14:36

In most of cancer staging methods,numbers between 0 to 4 are assigned.The most aggressive one is assigned 4 while the least aggressive cancer tumour is ranked 0.Regards

August 7, 2018 14:34

Hie friend,staging of cancer is done only by biopsy.It means the affected area is cut and cells are taken out to see whether they are cancerous or normal cells.Quite a frightening step for the family members

August 7, 2018 14:27

Yes ct scans give more radiation than x rays.In fact one ct scan gives 80 times radiation as a x ray.So I would advice to not take non Recommended tests.First consult a physician then go in for the tests,if required

August 7, 2018 14:18

Also love I would like to add that radiation levels in mild quantity are not harmful.But continuous exposure to such heavy metal radiation may lead to various types of cancer.Keep it in mind and avoid any unnecessary tests.Thank you