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At present, i am mechanical engineer. I am doing JAWA course from NIIT. and searching for job. Though i have no experience but i always think about increasing pollution in the world and think how we can tackle this major problem faced today.

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I think the problem of pollution and environmental degradation cannot be effectively tackled without public awareness and participation.my idea is:- public eco friendly transport should be encouraged at large and private should be discouraged by imposing heavy duties and taxes on private vehicles.Less private transport would lead to less pollution.

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Category:- youth
address:- 336/14,near markanda printing press,Shahabad Markanda-136135,Haryana-India
phone number:-+91-7206483744
email:- [email protected]
age:- 24 years [date of birth:25.07.1990]
gender:- male
I am mechanical enginner and doing the course JAWA from NIIT. I am also in search of suitable job for my earnings. i am active shortwave listener and won many prizes in various contest/quizes organised by international broadcasters. recently INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS has choosen me as a national record holder in winning maximum prizes in radio shortwave contests.with best regards,
Yours sincerely. MITUL KANSAL

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Mitul Kansal