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I'm very passionate about NPO and making a difference in society as well as beauty

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I'm looking for a publicity platform where I can given the opportunity for people to know about the project

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I’m a motivational speaker with a tiktok chanel @powerfulleaders.
I also participated in the public speaking literary competition nationals in 2019.
I’m also a founder of 3 youth based NPO’S
It is aimed at the holistic empowerment of teenage girls and young women including a support group for teenage mothers and and outreach program where we hand out a toiletry bag on a monthly basis which consists of a pack of sanitary pads, a bar soap, toothpaste and vaseline.
I launched the NPO in 2019 but in only in the registering process at Social development now as in 2019 I was not yet 18.
2 Youth intsrcessors
It is a religious NPO based on christianity of which is a prayer movement.
3 Tshwaragano youth entrepreneurs
This is an NPC aimed at creating a networking platform for youth entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary skills through workshops as well as collecting funds and allocating it to young entrepreneurs.
This NPC will be formally launched on the 10th of September and is currently in the registering process with the CPIC.
I was head girl of kyrios independent school in 2021

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Karabelo Senatle