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Agriculture, Energy and Environmental conservation

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Vincent Karemera, Kigali, Rwanda Vincent born at Nyanza in Southern Province of Rwanda country. Vincent earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (Environmental Chemistry) from the University of Rwanda-College of Science and Technology in Rwanda and was trained in Leadership Development from Rwanda Management Institute and in Entrepreneurial Leadership by Hope for the Youth at University of Rwanda-Remera campus Kigali. Vincent has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. While working as a Program Assistant with Rwandan Ecologists Association in Rwanda, Vincent maintains and updates data base, and records on programming activities for the program monitoring and evaluation purposes and assists the development of project/program materials. As a leader, he is involved in all aspects of the program design and execution. Thought her recent experiences, he developed leadership skills and strong project drafting, coordination and implementation skills. Vincent interests focusing on work for food production, and projects of research and environmental protection for climate change issues. From experience of working with nonprofit, enterprises and communities sectors; Vincent had idea to become an entrepreneur for different reasons such as improvement and increasing food production to fight against malnutrition and hunger as well poverty reduction in Rwanda.

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Karemera Vincent