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I got an internship in B2B company in Hyderabad for content strategy, web development, programming, , I was accepted in EmpowerX program in AUC for scholarships, freelancing and trainings, I was accepted in Progirls program for Goethe Institute and got a mentoring in Pirelli company for marketing and machines, i got a training for presentation skills in MAC company, I got accepted in Oxbridge international summer school programs, I got accepted in Model of United Nations in Thailand, I got a training for studying MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and applied this in starting the MBA Certificate, I am an Exchange participant in AIESIC Egypt, I was a mentee in New York Academy in STEM U Mentoring program, I was a translator at Coursera, I was a Pr in Street Doctor Team, I was a Hr in Upgrade project, I was a member in MUNplanet, I was a researcher at TID team, BeD team, I was an Ac (Academic member) at Model of African Union (MAU) and gave sessions at Bibliotheque Alexandrina about Africa, I was a trainer at Clouds Project and prepared sessions with workshops about soft skills, I was a trainer at Model of Companies Simulation (MCS) and gave sessions about investment, economy and companies. For competitions, I participated in Climatelaunchpad competition, EISTF, Google fair, Intel ISEF, Go Green in the City 2019, Olympiad Biology, Kangaroo, Brain Bee.

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Karen Agib


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